> Founders

RODRIGO VELOSO is Founder and CEO of O.N.E., an all natural beverage company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Rodrigo is responsible for introducing Coconut Water to the US market through retailers such as Whole Foods and Kroger. Today, Coconut Water is the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage category in the US. O.N.E.’s investors include PepsiCo and Catterton Partners, the leading private equity firm with an exclusive focus consumer companies.

Rodrigo is part of the new generation of Conscious Capitalist business leaders that believes if we re-evaluate how we do business we can succeed in meaningful ways and do business that is interconnected positively with life and society. He models responsible industry leadership which translates to creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship. He is a board member Fair Trade & Sustainability Alliance (FAIRTSA), which specializes in providing fair trade service to producers and buyers to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers and to assist buyers in meeting the growing consumer demand for Fair Trade Goods.

O.N.E. is an acronym for Opportunity Never Ends-- his dream is to share his passion of peace through commerce.

JOSÉ AUGUSTO CORREA is President and founder of Crival Holdings Ltd, investments in industrial and consumer products, software, co-founder of Creevall LLC, USA, former CEO of Brassinter SA, Advisory Board member SAAB AB, professor FGV EAESP Business School from 1998 to 2009, founder of FGV CENN, co-founder of ArtInvest, co-founder of the Innovation Forum FGV, co-founder of Akta LDA Lisbon, engineer Escola Politecnica USP. By 2003 developed an MBA course in FGV Business School based on Socratic Maieutics methods, challenging students to bring innovative ideas for new ventures, resulting in several successful start up cases. After more than thirty years traveling, meeting people and doing business everywhere in the world, believes that connecting people, creating acquaintances and friendship, generating business, achieving mutually profitable success cases with ethics, is the roadmap for a better world.

> Founder’s Circle – Expert in Technology

REINALDO NORMAND is a Brazilian born entrepreneur which now splits his time between California and China. Reinaldo is the founder of Zeebo, Inc., a San Diego based startup which received tens of millions of USD from the tech giant Qualcomm, Inc. Based in Shanghai, Mr. Normand is driving the company’s strategic plan for China and is working with content providers across Asia.

Before founding Zeebo, he helped create and manage Tectoy Mobile and TecToy Digital, the mobile gaming division and studio of Tectoy S.A. of Brazil. Previously, he was Country Manager for the Electronic Gaming Show (EGS), where he organized the largest electronic gaming fair in Brazil. He was founder of Outer Space Media in 1996, creating the first commercial Brazilian games portal on the web. He is fluent in four languages.